Ready to be an FM in 2020? Part 2

Is your FM ready for 2020?

Ready to be an FM in 2020? Part 2

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National FM is an eco-friendly facilities management company

Is your FM ready for 2020? Part 2

Within the next couple of years, even as soon as 2020, there will be real opportunities to ‘get a seat at the table’ and demonstrate how the FM function can deliver shareholder value.

However, to do this will require a more forward thinking approach, collaboration with both internal peers and external partners, and most importantly, creative and unique ideas on how to tie repair and maintenance (R&M) operations into a buildings’s broader based strategy.

So, what is the FM of the future planning for and learning about today to position their company for the highest likelihood of success?

What this 7 part series is about are a number of specific ways that FMs can start thinking about business now to get ahead of the curve because the future’s coming up fast – and it’s not waiting for anyone. The second article in the series is Eco friendly facilities management practices.


Eco Friendly Facilities Management Practices

As anyone involved in the world of facilities management knows, this is not a static industry. As business strategies change, user preferences evolve, and everyone’s expectations grow, the modern facilities manager needs to adapt as well.

One of the more recent trends is the growing importance, if not outright requirement, to systematically capture and store data from an FM program into a modern FM software system. Only by knowing what’s happening across a range of locations (e.g. warehouse, retail, buildings, facilities) can anyone truly gain transparency and understand performance of all the elements involved in maintaining operations and brand standards.


FMs with true visibility into their facilities can gain actionable data, identify problems and deliver superior performance.

However, as pressures continue to increase, transforming facilities management into a more strategic domain that can drive business impact will be a must.

Whether you call it being ‘green’ or ‘environmentally conscious’ or ‘eco-friendly,’ it’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ buzz word for a company’s advertising and branding. More and more, it’s becoming part of every company’s strategy. Customers will not only look for it but increasingly demand it from those with whom they will do business. And not surprisingly, facilities can be, should be and need to be a key driver of such initiatives.

There are a number of ways that FMs can both demonstrate and put into practice any building owner’s commitment on this front. FM systems will be able to better monitor resource usage and waste and track eco-friendly utility deployment. Reporting will most likely become key for both consumer and regulatory audiences on everything from compliance to meeting recycling standards.

Getting Better Grades

Technology will be able to provide each facility an ‘eco- grade’ across various eco factors for both internal and external use: how eco-friendly and in compliance you are. For example, buildings will be able to track a number of related activities such as:

  • Waste disposal
  • Recycling
  • Water filtration
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Composting
  • NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) certification
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint

Buildings will be able to analyse and hopefully reduce their carbon footprint with the plethora of data that will be available. As more companies have dedicated ‘green’ departments, facility managers will need to show organisations that they can track and monitor activities, record that they’re doing things properly and identify environmental outliers and areas for improvement. This will be another new domain that requires the FM to broaden both knowledge, capabilities and integration with building stakeholders.

Is your FM ready for 2020? Part 1

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Ready to be an FM in 2020?

Author: Frank
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