Facility Management and ISO 41001

Facility Management and ISO 41001

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ISO 41001 and Facility Management

Facility management is one of the fastest growing professional and operational disciplines worldwide and it requires some global consistency. So this is where ISO 41001 is critical.

FM and ISO41001

What is ISO 41001?

ISO 41001 is the international standard for a Facility Management (FM) system. It provides a framework to develop, implement and maintain effective facilities management across different sectors worldwide. The benefits include:

  • Minimising costs
  • Gaining a competitive edge
  • Driving value across your facilities
  • Delivering a globally consistent benchmark

ISO 41001 and National FM

Our purpose is to inspire trust from our clients. Our solutions and services improve performance and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Facility management (FM) has an important role to play in delivering a sustainable building that responds to evolving technologies and user needs. At National FM, our mission is to share knowledge, innovation and best practice to help people and their buildings make excellence a habit. This is underpinned by our adherence to national and international standards bodies. We use our proven techniques to implement and audit facility management systems to deliver value for your building.

The Revy, Darling Island Pyrmont has retained National FM as the facilities management

Benefits of ISO 41001 in FM?

A consistent FM approach across locations, sites and facilities – one that supports in-house delivery and provides procurement teams a benchmark to measure competency of FM providers – is where ISO 41001 is useful. It provides a framework to develop, implement and maintain effective facilities management. It helps recognise the scope of responsibilities and create a successful management structure, and identifies appropriate resources to fulfil the needs of stakeholders. Lastly, certified FM companies outperformed the market 100+% (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management).


Strategic importance of ISO 41001 in FM

Firstly, ISO 41001 raises the professional profile of FM as it provides a way to recognise the value of FM in strategic planning for future direction. Furthermore, ISO 41001can be used to demonstrate the alignment of FM with these strategies and direction.

THE ONE, Hurstville has retained National FM as the facilities management

Global comparison and consistency

In an era of ever-increasing global exposure, organisations need to align with common principles and concepts to demonstrate capability that is consistent with other comparable facilities around the world. ISO 41001 is a tool that the necessary framework.


Value of services and assets

ISO 41001 provides a systematic approach. This requires you to continually review your service delivery and assets to ensure effective operations. It also requires that you minimise unnecessary cost and derive tangible value for the facilities you manage.


Elements of ISO 41001

Within the standard there are numerous elements of ISO 14001 that are required to be met by organisations seeking formal recognition for their EMS. General requirements include:

  1. Development of an environmental policy that reflects an organisation’s commitments;
  1. The  appointment of a person(s) responsible for the EMS’s coordination;
  1. Identification of how the organisation interacts with the environment;
  1. Identification of actual and potential environmental impacts;
  1. Identification of environmental compliance requirements;
  1. Establishment of environmental objectives, targets and programs;
  1. Monitoring and measurement of the progress to achieve its objectives;
  1. Reviewing the system and environmental performance; and
  1. Continuous improvement of the organisation’s environmental performance.

Source: http://www.iso14001.com.au/iso-14001-requirements.html


Tips for implementing ISO 41001

  • Demonstrating commitment and support from senior management
  • Engaging the entire business using effective internal communication
  • Comparing your existing facility management system with ISO 41001 requirements
  • Establishing an implementation team to get the best results
  • Mapping out roles, responsibilities and timescales
  • Adapting the basic principles of the ISO 41001 standard to your business
  • Motivating staff involvement with training and incentives
  • Sharing ISO 41001 knowledge and encouraging staff to train as internal auditors
  • Setting up a process to regularly review your ISO 41001 system to make sure you’re continually improving it


BONUS! ISO 41001 Checklist

Here is a link to a handy checklist so you don’t waste time and money trying to get it right without guidance.


In summary

From development consultation to asset lifecycle management, we are leading the way in the built environment sector, innovating and collaborating with our clients to build a safer more resilient tomorrow – one that protects our buildings, assets, the environment and most importantly people.

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