How working with an indigenous organisation has been a win for our strata clients

How working with an indigenous organisation has been a win for our strata clients

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RealFutures and National FM partnership to support indigenous women

Win! Win! for indigenous women and men, our facilities management teams and the strata industry.

A large percentage of City of Sydney residents live in high-rise apartment buildings.  Waste from these larger medium to high-rise residential buildings is a continual issue for facilities management teams and the environment.

Havencab Property Group has been working hard on finding ways to reduce waste from multi-story buildings and our new partnership with RealFutures is heading to a win for all stakeholders. Our high-rise recycling program will significantly reduce waste headed for landfill, increase the quantity of recycling collected from residential apartment buildings AND improve the quality of the lives of indigenous men and women in need.

Natalie Williamson, facilities manager for National FM at Anadara & Alexander Residences, Barangaroo, says it’s vital to “reduce our waste going to landfill” and find innovative ways to recycle our waste and further upcycled uses.

Win for the strata industry

That is why this initiative is a win win for both parties, National FM and RealFutures, as well as the people who are in need of assistance. It is also a win for facilities management and for the strata industry. It is an innovative idea that opens up huge possibilities for the strata industry to not only benefit those in need, but also strata owners.

Natalie, who masterminded this groundbreaking initiative, says “we are working with RealFutures to donate items that can be re-used to house indigenous men and women” and that “this also has a significant cost savings to the Strata Plan for the removal of bulky items”. The program is being trialled for RealFutures Western Sydney women before being rolled out by National FM to other buildings and areas. So far, the response has been outstanding, and more than 20 participants have received assistance.


REALFUTURES Regional Manager / National Relationship Manager, Karen Cook, has some good news to share.

“One of our new aspirants was lucky to receive some beautiful items donated to us from Residents at Barangaroo through the assistance of the Senior Manager Natalie from there recycling room.

The young mum of two was thrilled to receive a queen bed and beside tables to complete her bedroom. She has been sleeping on a mattress the floor since moving into her new home last year, as she put her children’s needs before herself. We were able to offer her a set of lounges we received from Natalie as well which had a pull-out bed, she is excited to have a place for her siblings to sleep when they come to visit. She also received a washing machine, in which her washing machine just stopped working so she was very appreciative and stated this could not come at a better time for her.”

Natalie from National FM (left) with RealFutures Karen Wood (right) and a very happy recipient.
Natalie from National FM (left) with RealFutures Karen Wood (right) and a very happy recipient.

“This young woman was so appreciative of the items she received, she just spent the weekend doing up her house.

Thank you for all your support, this had made my week. I know in our current circumstances we feel like we are not doing much but it is moments like these and hearing how appreciative she was that makes the work we do all worth it.”

Achievements of the initiative

  1. Setting up of a hub with Natalie onsite holding furniture she arranged to be donated
  2. In four weeks we have 21 active aspirants on the program
  3. Furniture to set up in multiple participants homes

Items that have been arranged through Natalie to be donated by Residents;

  1. 1 x Queen size bed frame ( brand new)
  2. 5 x bedside tables
  3. 1 x hallway table
  4. 1 x washing machine
  5. 4-6 Dining chairs
  6. 1 x Queen Mattress
  7. 1 black lounge (2seater)
  8. 1 black lounge (3 seater sofa bed)
  9. 1 green lounge (3 seater no legs/feet)
  10. 2 outdoor chairs with leg rest
  11. 1 camping outdoor chair
  12. 1 Steam mop
  13. 2 sliver photo frames with image
  14. 3 black stools
  15. 1 printer

Recycled lounge gifted by National FM


Further initiatives coming

Because we love a win (and who doesn’t) Havencab Property Group is continuously looking for innovative ways to improve outcomes for residents and owners, as well as ways to benefit to our wider community. We have some other initiatives in the pipeline, including the fact that in some buildings we may also arrange donation bins for clothing and shoes.  Contact us if you think we can help you. Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated!

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