Strata Residents Want Great Communication

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Strata Residents Want Great Communication

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For strata and facilities management companies, the benefits of successful customer engagement are enormous—yet maintaining consistency and a level of automation as your businesses grows can be difficult.

Customer experiences in residential communities are enhanced through proactive communication, resulting in a higher level of resident retention and new business.

With community engagement and facilities management such as that offered by National FM, your business can deliver strong engagement to your customers—the residents. This will bring benefits as a result.

Social events

Social events are a great way for residents to get to know each other and bond over mutual interests.

Events such as sales launches, community family and friends events or residents’ group gatherings, along with  upgraded communal facilities are all opportunities to increase community engagement.

To ensure your residents receive invitations—and attend—events such as these, a dedicated system is a must.

Using our building management software, we can offer resident engagement and communication, allowing the delivery of events to all or select sites within your building(s).

National FM & Divercity residents
Social connections

Allowing residents to communicate with management and the committee can help drive a community—and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Residents who can engage with community peers through groups such as dog walking, mothers’ yoga, book and community garden clubs, will feel a sense of connection to their community—so their ability to access and keep up-to-date with these groups is crucial for residents.

With our custom-branded building website and app, being a part of the community has never been easier for your customers.

Feedback surveys and newsletters

Keeping residents engaged cannot be done without feedback: it’s important to gather thoughts and opinions on on-site related topics, as this feedback can offer valuable insights into where developments and communities can improve.

For example, gathering suggestions on paint colour for the gym, or following up from a recent event to gather resident feedback is easily done through National FM’s system.

Another good way to increase engagement is having committee members or building managers release a monthly or quarterly newsletter, showcasing any news, changes or developments to the residential community.

Make sure your residents receive invitations—and attend—events using our integrated system.

Rewards and loyalties

By utilising the local businesses around your area, developments and masterplans can provide residents with great deals and benefits for purchasing in their neighbourhood.

Our building management system integrates with Haven Black, which allows you to connect local business, key community partners and your preferred contractors with residents in developments, providing access to up-to-date rewards, highlighting the exclusivity of the building and providing residents with ongoing value.

Further, rewards and loyalties can help create and support a thriving community both within and around a development by promoting and supporting local business.

Two-way communication

If a site is expected to have maintenance or other facilities management tasks performed, it’s good practice—and good manners—to inform residents.

With a resident engagement system such as that used by National FM, building managers can easily send out a scheduled notice to a site’s digital noticeboards and the residents’ phones—as a notification, email or SMS.

Residents are certain to appreciate being forewarned—they will have time to make any alternative arrangements and won’t be surprised by any window-cleaners or facilities closed for cleaning or maintenance.

Ensuring residents are provided with up-to-date information regarding significant events or issues that occur will go a long way to engaging residents.

At the end of the day, enhancing customer experiences in residential communities through a communications system such as National FM’s will benefit both your residents and your business.

Author: Frank
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