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Our clients expect and deserve the best. As a company, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve and maintain high levels of individual and organisational performance. In doing so, each and every one of us at National FM is committed to delivering high-quality services. We regularly evaluate our own actions and seek input from our clients as to how we are doing. Our commitment is exemplified by:

Client Focus – We stand by the value of our services and regularly elicit and act upon client feedback and performance data. We conduct ourselves in a manner that allows our clients to report delight with our services, and we seek regular evaluations of both the outcomes of our interventions and the professionalism of our staff.

Measurable Impact – We track and monitor our impact and that of the initiatives we are contracted to achieve to ensure that we deliver the dollar value and the performance delivery our clients seek.

Sustainability – Our clients have the clarity and confidence to build and sustain strong habits of decision-making, managed expectations, and targeted action that become part of the way work is done for the organisation.

Excellence – We deliver service excellence as measured by our clients, operational excellence as is reflected in the client’s process and financial metrics, and employee excellence as is demonstrated by a workforce with the skills and motivation to accelerate sustainable performance.


National FM provide high quality professional facilities management services in accordance with all legislative compliance and requirements. Our objective is to increase the value of your premises by providing quality services that exceed expectations. Our clients expect and deserve only the highest quality of property services delivered safely, on time and cost effectively. We operate the ISO 9001 Quality Management system, together with adopting benchmarking and best practice systems.

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