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The Finger Wharf is in Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney, Australia. The structure is the longest timbered-piled wharf in the world and thus requires expert knowledge and specialist services to maintain. 

The redevelopment of Finger Wharf incorporates a 273-room three-star hotel at the southern end and 345 luxury apartments at the northern end, along with restaurants, retail stores and a 63-berth boating marina. Large sections of the interior have been left intact. These sections include three bays of the Berth 6 shed being left undivided (the hotel reception area), the preservation of one of four lifts (now a dining room of one of the restaurants), the eight pairs of huge lattice-timber goods conveyors, one of eight machinery rooms and much of the old corrugated steel, fibro and multi pane sashes and chain-wire cladding along the streets. The exterior facades have been restored in Federation style.


  • Inspect all Assets and provide condition / dilapidation report
  • Review all service providers and tender contracts that are not providing value for Owners
  • Set up all preventative maintenance onto our Building Management Software system
  • Ensure Capital works fund is accurate and maintain assets as per plans
  • Assist with government grants and review all sustainability initiatives
  • Review budgets and carry out rectification plans identified in reports
  • Provide Operational Manuals to ensure standard operating procedures exist for the Management Team
  • Ongoing proactive and efficient management of all areas and facilities
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