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Located just 7kms from Sydney CBD, The Flour Mill of Summer Hill is an amazing new residential community at the heart of the Inner West.

The old industrial site of the Flour Mill has towered over the suburb’s leafy streets for almost 100 years, and is now being transformed into a beautifully planned place to live, work and play.

The Flour Mill’s remarkable heritage and the original Mungo Scott Mill building have been retained. Brand new buildings now stand alongside the historic silo structures, which have been transformed into homes.


Providing consultancy to meet DA requirements and special conditions

  • Providing and reviewing building management, traffic management, waste management, loading dock plans
  • Reviewing access control and CCTV locations
  • Providing operational overview of the site and reviewing architectural plans for better efficiency
  • Assisting or developing with Home Owner’s Manual, Move-in manuals, Maintenance plans
  • Reviewing of by-laws, shared facility schedules and Strata Management Statement
  • Assisting with budget preparation and seeking tenders for services
  • Assist with Pre and Post Settlement Defects, rectification and all move-ins
  • Ongoing proactive and efficient management of all areas and facilities
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