Garden House is a modern take on village living in the burgeoning suburb of Waterloo. Designed to inspire inside-out living, a range of one, two and three bedroom apartments across four low-rise buildings connect Hecker Guthrie’s elegantly muted interiors with lush, private gardens.

In this oasis of style in Sydney, innovative planter boxes integrate with the architecture, delivering the beauty of the garden straight to the front door.

National Facilities Management provides Building Management to this extraordinary property, managing resources and recycling, contractors and the daily operations of the building, which is comprised of 168 residential apartments & ground floor café.


  • Inspect all Assets and provide condition / dilapidation report
  • Review all service providers and tender contracts that are not providing value for Owners
  • Set up all preventative maintenance onto our Building Management Software system
  • Ensure Capital works fund is accurate and maintain assets as per plans
  • Assist with government grants and review all sustainability initiatives
  • Review budgets and carry out rectification plans identified in reports
  • Provide Operational Manuals to ensure standard operating procedures exist for the Management Team
  • Ongoing proactive and efficient management of all areas and facilities
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