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The Burns Philp Building, with its richly carved and modelled facade, is a key element in the Macquarie Place / Bridge Street Conservation area, one of the most important historic townscape precincts in the City of Sydney. The Burns Philp Building is a rare example of the Federation Romanesque style made popular by American architect Henry Hobson Richardson. The Burns Philp Building is of State significance for its facade and interiors, which display a high architectural and aesthetic quality and demonstrate the skills of local craftsmen and the capability of sandstone for architectural ornamentation and structure. The incorporation of a lane entrance is an unusual and distinctive feature of the Bridge Street elevation.

The building is well known for its association with the Burns Philp Company, a major Australian maritime commercial entity, who successfully traded for more than a century along the south east coast of Australia and the Pacific Islands. The Burns Philp Building exhibits references to the Scottish roots of the company, by use of motifs such as the Scottish thistle, in the strong corporate image by which they were known and recognised.

The Burns Philp Building is of State significance as one of the first uses of composite construction of steel, timber masonry and cast iron. It is a landmark building for the combination of new structural techniques and fine facade treatment. It was one of the first uses of cast and wrought iron structure after its early manufacture. Finally, the building is one of the few identified extant works of the firm A.L & G. McCredie, a major Australian architectural practice of the later nineteenth century.

We are honoured that National FM was chosen as the facilities management company to oversee the management of this culturally significant building.


  • Inspect all Assets and provide condition / dilapidation report
  • Review all service providers and tender contracts that are not providing value for Owners
  • Set up all preventative maintenance onto our Building Management Software system
  • Ensure Capital works fund is accurate and maintain assets as per plans
  • Assist with government grants and review all sustainability initiatives
  • Review budgets and carry out rectification plans identified in reports
  • Provide Operational Manuals to ensure standard operating procedures exist for the Management Team
  • Ongoing proactive and efficient management of all areas and facilities
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