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Why choose National FM?

It’s all in the way we do business. Our ethics and values guide every action at National FM.

Why choose us?

Transparent pricing

Every tender we provide is based on an open book policy. Our costing sheet is transparent with percentage break ups on costs, right down to our profit margin, taking into account all relevant Awards.

Ethical procurement guidelines 

We provide a framework to ensure that we operate with integrity in purchasing goods and services and conducting business with our clients. Social and environmental considerations in our supplier selection and evaluation processes are guided by our Probity Policy & Code of Conduct guidelines.

Equal opportunity employer

We provide an environment where employees and others in the workplace are treated fairly and with respect, and are free from discrimination, harassment, vilification and bullying. When we make employment decisions, they are based on merit alone. Our Anti-Discrimination & Equal Employment Opportunity Policy ensures compliance, with processes for breaches.


Our values

Our values influence and guide the decisions we make at National FM.

Create place

Building management plays a major role in creating place. Our services make public spaces lively, to attract people and evoke togetherness. We bring a sense of place to every building we service to enhance our client’s brand and create a commercial edge.

Increase asset value

We increase returns and add value with innovative approaches and ideas. Our services maximise financial outcomes with long-term vision to get buildings operating for seamless, optimum performance.


We are committed to providing ethical management services for your building. This means we are transparent and honest as we strive to reach the best outcome for all stakeholders and staff in every aspect of our business.


Our team is what makes us the best in the industry. We are an employer of choice because we give the respect, job security, remuneration, career advancement, loyalty and moral support that our people deserve. It is our “can do” culture that encourages our team to go beyond client expectations.

Build social value

We are an active member of the communities in which we work by giving back and continuously supporting charities, the vulnerable, sick and less fortunate. We advocate for fair wages and entitlements for all staff employed in the property services sector.

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